Work Instruction Automation with VKS' Kyle O'Reilly

February 10, 2021
The Robot Industry Podcast
The Robot Industry Podcast
Work Instruction Automation with VKS' Kyle O'Reilly

Our guest for this edition of #TheRobotIndustryPodcast is Kyle O'Reilly from VKS. They digitize work instructions. VKS is an industry 4.0 software platform that helps companies that assemble and have high-mix, medium volume assembly automation.

We talk about best processes, quality, productivity, real-time manual assembly, training, managing talent, and bottlenecks in high-mix contract manufacturing.

VKS built the software tool themselves because of their needs in their sister company CMP, which manufactures a wide range of metal-based products. They needed to document processes to improve quality, get rid of work instruction binders and PowerPoint.

VKS software is intuitive to use. It shows step-by-step instructions of whatever they need to build. Think real pictures, videos, sketches. It is used in all kinds of industries, universities, around the world.

Trends in the industry: trends to industry 4.0, adoption of technologies, scalable software, digital IoT, digitization, companies are turning away from paper for scale as a cost of doing business.

If you would like to get in touch with Kyle, his email is and you can find VKS on LinkedIn

Enjoy the podcast.

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