Introduction to The Robot Industry Podcast

May 1, 2020

Introduction to The Robot Industry Podcast

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I am Jim Beretta, ex-applications engineer (although I am not an engineer), ex-capital-equipment-complex-machine salesperson, and ex-marketer for a major robot integrator located in Cambridge, Ontario.

I helped create and drive the marketing effort that built the ATS name into one of the leading brands in machine building and robot integration.

I left ATS Automation Tooling Systems, now ATS Automation, over 10 years ago and built my own marketing consultancy called Customer Attraction, because most companies want more customers.

There was a podcast missing in the manufacturing industry. I hope to tell stories, introduce experts and take some of the lessons from my 100+ webinars that I have researched and presented to the automation community.

I hope you enjoy the #therobotindustrypodcast. If you would like to get in touch with us, fill out the form, we would love to chat.



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