Drone-Powered Warehouse Inventory Monitoring with Gather AI

October 10, 2023
The Robot Industry Podcast
The Robot Industry Podcast
Drone-Powered Warehouse Inventory Monitoring with Gather AI

Pittsburgh-based Gather AI is the world leading autonomous inventory management company. Their solution uses autonomous, commodity drones and AI software to automate inventory monitoring for warehouse operators to decrease inventory costs, improve productivity, and boost revenue.

Hello everyone and welcome to A3 | The Robot Industry Podcast. We are glad you are here I am Jim Beretta. My guest for this episode is Sankalp Arora. Sankalp is from Gather AI they are a startup company that develops autonomous data gathering drones or UAVs for the supply chain industry.

Their mission is to provide reliable, efficient, and scalable solutions for inventory management, warehouse optimization, and asset tracking using cutting-edge technologies and algorithms.

Let me tell you a bit about Sankalp:

As a robotics expert, he has a strong background in motion planning, computer vision, machine learning, and data analysis. Sankalp holds a PhD in Robotics from the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, he has worked on flying field robotics systems and published multiple papers at conferences. Fun fact that he also received the Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship for his innovative research proposal. Sankalp is passionate about solving real-world problems using robotics and AI, and building a diverse and talented team that shares this vision.

My Questions:

Sankalp, How important is it for you to be in Pittsburgh?

Let’s talk about your team. Tell me about them?

What are some of the challenges flying drones in warehouses?

Use cases, examples?

What do your clients learn about their warehouse?

You must have some best practices for your clients, like labels must be able to be read by a drone…etc.

The importance of data, is your startup is all about data?

Who operates the drone?

What is they typical ROI for your clients

Who buys from you, how do they buy or test, what is the selling cycle like?

Did we forget to talk about anything?

When you are not thinking about drones and stock keeping, what do you like to do, hobbies?

How can people get a hold of you?

When you are not knee deep in software, drones, hardware and growing your team, what do you like to do for fun?

Thanks for coming onto the podcast.

How can people find out more about you/your company?

Enjoy the podcast. Thanks for subscribing, thanks for listening.



Jim Beretta
Customer Attraction Industrial Marketing & The Robot Industry Podcast

To find out more about Gather AI, visit their website or check them out on LinkedIn. To check out Sankalp, you can find him on LinkedIn here.

Special thanks to Amanda Bell for getting this setup for both of us. I know @Amanda sometimes it is like herding cats!

If you would like to get involved with A3 The Robot Industry Podcast, would like to become a guest or nominate someone, you can find me, Jim Beretta on LinkedIn or send me an email to therobotindustrypodcast at gmail dot com, no spaces.

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