COVID19 Peter Wright

May 31, 2020

COVID19 Peter Wright

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A couple of disclosures here. Peter is a great planner and we have done many projects together for clients across North America. We both have professional relationships with A3, The Association for Advancing Automation. If you are looking for a strategic planner, I highly recommend Peter Wright.

In this podcast we spoke about the challenges for the automation sector dealing through the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Planning Group is dedicated to providing business planning expertise, strategic advice and facilitation to organizations through the practical application of strategic and operational planning. From the largest corporations and associations, to medium sized regional players, Peter helps his clients understand where they want to be and come up with a solid plan of attack to get there. Since 2002 he have provided these services to clients worldwide.

Fun fact: We live very close to each other in the city of Cambridge, Ontario.

Enjoy the podcast.


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