Attabotics Reinventing the Supply Chain with Scott Gravelle

March 3, 2021
The Robot Industry Podcast
The Robot Industry Podcast
Attabotics Reinventing the Supply Chain with Scott Gravelle

Attabotics is a Calgary-based robotics company that is changing all the rules when it comes to logistics. Their 3D robotic goods-to-person storage system offers automated retrieval and real-time order fulfillment in a very small form factor. What does this mean? Small, local warehouses located in a downtown or on the edge of a downtown. It means faster deliveries, shared facilities and cost savings for operators, at scale. It means data and AI.

Attibotics has garnered a lot of attention of late. They are on Time magazine best inventions in 2019, Fast Company's list of most innovative in 2020, and one CNBC best startups in 2019.

Scott Gravelle is the CEO and CTO and joins me on a discussion about innovation, sustainability, time to market, robotics, AI, talent and talent attraction.

Attabotics Inc. is utilizing scale, efficiency, robotics and an innovative team of robot and AI experts ready to transform modern commerce.

If you would like to find out more about the company, Attabotics is at and Scott Gravelle is on LinkedIn at

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Enjoy the podcast. Thanks for listening.

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London, Ontario

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