Artimus Robotics and HASEL Actuation Technology

October 7, 2020
The Robot Industry Podcast
The Robot Industry Podcast
Artimus Robotics and HASEL Actuation Technology

In this episode of #therobotindustrypodcast, I catch up with Timothy Morrissey the co-founder of Artimus Robotics. They are based in Boulder, CO.

Artimus Robotics is enabling a new generation of robots and machines that increase productivity and improve quality of life. Led by a world-class team of experts in the field of soft robotics, Artimus Robotics hopes to make a profound impact on the future of robotics and automation by solving motion and gripping challenges.

Invented and developed in Boulder, Colorado, their technology, is the HASEL artificial muscles, and is at the forefront of robotic innovation. To learn more about Artimus Robotics or HASEL technology visit and follow the company @ArtimusRobotics. To find out more about Tim (CEO, YouTuber, skier, and camper) you can check him out on LinkedIn:

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Enjoy the podcast!

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