Altruism, Entrepreneurship and Conveyance with Glide-Line's Kevin Mauger

May 12, 2021
The Robot Industry Podcast
The Robot Industry Podcast
Altruism, Entrepreneurship and Conveyance with Glide-Line's Kevin Mauger

"Automation systems are sometimes designed around conveyors - any why that is completely backwards" - Kevin Mauger.

Kevin Mauger is our guest for podcast #46. He is a father, husband and entrepreneur. He is the president of NCC, Glide-Line Conveyors, SideDrive Conveyor Company, and a new company coming up which we did not talk about. A disclosure that Kevin and Glide-Line are past clients of mine at Customer Attraction and we remain friends and trade fishing photos over Instagram.

Food, packaging and optical eyeglass market make up a big part of Kevin's life. Kevin's frustration waiting for conveyor manufacturers to deliver simple product led him to create his own conveyor line, for his own consumption and clients.

A chance meeting on the shop floor, led to an order of 120 units of conveyor segments. That led to more investigation. It was a simple value proposition: Companies want complete conveyor systems, they want fast, flexible and easy.

We talk about culture, conveyors, configurators, the Amazon Effect, how to start a company, building a brand and changing your company to an employee owned, purposeful, positive entity.

If you would like to get in touch with Kevin or if you have a conveyance need, and want to get in touch with the staff at Glide-Line, you can find them at

Thanks to our Kevin, and our partners, A3 The Association for Advancing Automation and

Enjoy the podcast,

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